Cybelius Maestro

The Virtual Prototyping Tool
which was innovated in Finnish national research center
It was commercialized with NOKIA

  • It is the virtual prototyping tool which simulate the behavior of embeded systems and applications on a PC.
  • Tool for designing and planning UI(User Interface) of electronics devices and application transition.
    You don’t need programming skill.
  • You can design transitions visually by connecting screens and states with lines.
  • You can select triggers to a transition such as button press and screen touch from a list easily.
  • You can design and plan visually by integrating surface of electronics device, I/O equipment such as button, GUI(Graphical User Interface) in display, and software structure.
  • Enable to generate simulation automatically, that can be run on PC, from the created design. So you can verify behavior that is almost same as the one on real device.
  • Enable to generate source code such as C or C++ for real target devices from created design.